Heart Health Blood Test Kit


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Monitor your heart health with a combination of essential tests for cholesterol, diabetes and inflammation.

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This home test includes checks that have been shown to be very important indicators of risks to your heart’s health. Including a full cholesterol profile and tests for inflammation.

It also includes a test for diabetes which shows you how well your body controls your blood sugar.

Cholesterol (7 Biomarkers)

High cholesterol levels can cause your arteries to become blocked – leading to coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Finding out about high levels of cholesterol can help you to make the positive lifestyle and dietary changes needed to improve your chances of a long and healthy life.

Total Cholesterol
High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)
Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)
Total Cholesterol: HDL Ratio
Non-HDL Cholesterol
HDL percentage

Diabetes (1 Biomarkers)

Checking your levels of HbA1c is a way of confirming if you have (or are at risk of developing) diabetes. Unmanaged or undiagnosed diabetes is one of the leading causes of mortality. For anyone who already knows they have diabetes, regular HbA1c checks are essential to monitor progress.

HbA1c (Glycosylated Haemoglobin)

Inflammation (1 Biomarkers)

Inflammation is a process by which your body’s white blood cells protect you from infection from external bacteria and viruses. Checking for inflammation can help diagnose a wide range of conditions.

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein

What are the different types of cholesterol?

There are 2 types of cholesterol. Good and bad Cholesterol, Good is also called HDL cholesterol and bad is LDL and non HDL cholesterol . This together makes up your TOTAL cholesterol level

What should my levels be?

Your Total cholesterol level should be 5 or below, HDL 1 or above, LDL 3 or below and NON HDL 4 or below ideally.

What can I do to make sure these levels are in check?

Cutting down on fatty food especially foods which contain saturated fat. Exercise more and stopping smoking whilst reducing alcohol intake can reduce cholesterol levels.