Pain Relieving Injections

Our range of pain relieving injections are a minimally invasive method of reducing pain for various joint conditions. Quick, easy and safe, our pain relieving injections can also help you to avoid or postpone surgery.

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What pain relieving injections can help with​

More about pain relieving injections

Pain relieving injections can be used for a variety of joint issues. In your initial consultation we will work out what is causing the pain – we can use ultrasound or MRI if necessary. Once we have diagnosed the problem we will then recommend the appropriate type of injection. 

We also use ultrasound to deliver the injection, targeting the precise area that is causing the pain. Pain injections are a minimally invasive option that can have a real positive impact on your painful joint. It is also safe with low risk of adverse reactions. 

Body parts suitable for pain injections








Looking for spinal treatment?

Pain relieving injection options


FROM £150

Hyaluronic Acid ​

FROM £250

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

FROM £400

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The process

We have endeavoured to make the process as straight forward and efficient as possible. 


MRI diagnosis





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Injections can provide much needed pain relief. They are quick and easy and available to most people. They are safe and minimally invasive.

If you are suffering from pain on a regular basis, and think that the solution is just out of your reach, speak to us and we can help you find a solution.

A proper diagnosis is the first step in your road to recovery. In many cases an injection can give you the relief you need to start enjoying life again.

Depending on your diagnosis, and treatment, you may still require surgery later down the line, but having a short-term injection will not affect your suitability for further treatments.

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Our service is fast, efficient and reliable. It is also more affordable than many traditional private healthcare routes.

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From consultation to diagnosis to treatment, our service is a one stop clinic for self-pay healthcare.

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We have a wide range of specialists which means we can always find the right person for you.

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