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Neutralising Antibodies COVID-19 Testing

We are offering a Neutralising Antibody test that can detect antibodies that neutralise the virus that causes COVID-19. 

Other IgG/IgM antibody tests do not provide results on the functional or neutralising aspect of the antibodies. This test is recommended for individuals post-vaccination or post-recovery from an active infection.

Provides the latest in immunity analysis.

Neutralising antibodies are responsible for defending cells from pathogens. Their production is triggered by both infections and vaccinations.

Being aware of the benefits of neutralising antibodies can provide both peace of mind as well as an understanding as to how well you are protected from a vaccination, particularly important where a vaccination does not provide lifelong protection from a given virus.

Although the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, some people choose to take a Neutralising Antibody Test after their first COVID-19 vaccine dose and again after their second dose to check whether their body produced neutralising antibodies in response to the vaccine.

If you have been infected with Covid-19, a Neutralizing Antibody Test can determine your immune system’s response to the infection.

If you want to take a baseline test before you get the COVID-19 vaccine or if you’d like to see your current immune status, you should take a Neutralising Antibody Test.

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The Process

We have endeavoured to make the process as straight forward and efficient as possible. 



Book your appointment online at whichever location suits you best.



Pop into our comfortable clinic, and one of our nurses will collect a finger prick blood sample, this should take 5-10 minutes. Your sample will be analysed in clinic. 



You will be emailed your results within 4 hours. These results will include your antibody status (present or not present) but also a numerical value.

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Frequent Questions

Neutralising Antibodies are responsible for defending cells from pathogens. They are produced naturally by the body as part of its immune response. Their production is triggered by infections and vaccinations.
Neutralising antibodies are made in the bone marrow, specifically by B-cells, and can result in lifelong immunity to certain infections. They begin to produce antibodies that will bind to specific antigens of the virus, allowing the antibodies to work hard to stop a pathogen from infecting the body.
A Neutralising Antibody test is designed to help determine if a patient is vulnerable. It informs you of how well your immunity has developed to fight certain infections. This can provide peace of mind for those who need it.
We will collect a blood sample in clinic.
The first generation antibody tests detected all antibodies that bind to the virus that causes COVID-19, some of which had little influence on the body’s ability to protect itself from infection. Our Neutralising Antibody test only detects those that block the SARS-CoV-2 virus from infiltrating cells and replicating. Our test can not only tell you whether you have antibodies at the time of testing, but it can also provide a numerical value to your results which will inform you of your level of immunity in response to Covid-19.
No. This test will measure the levels of neutralising antibodies in your blood, so will require a finger prick blood test and cannot be performed with a swab.
Our certificates will give you an indication of what your immunity is based on your results. If you are concerned about your results we recommend consulting your GP.
A neutralising antibody (NAb) is an antibody responsible for defending cells from pathogens (organisms that cause disease) or infectious particles by neutralising their biological effect. They are produced naturally as a response of the adaptive immune system.
Neutralising antibody measurement will establish the effectiveness and longevity of your antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 after infection or following vaccination.
The results of this test will help to determine your level of protection from future SARS-CoV-2 infection and eligibility for a booster vaccination.
Neutralising Antibodies are measured by taking a small finger prick blood sample and analysing your blood to see what your level of immunity is to Covid-19. We will provide you with a numerical value to your results.
No. We will need to take a finger-prick blood test, but this should not be painful.

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