Complete allergy test

BLOOD TESTS > ALLERGY TEST Complete Allergy Test A comprehensive allergen lgE antibody screening that tests against 297 components, including pollen, mould, fungus, mites, pets, insects and a range of foods. Beneficial for those who suffer from multiple food and inhalant allergies and can help identify which allergens are cross-reacting. Choose from our Paddington clinic […]

Complete food intolerance test

BLOOD TESTS > INTOLERANCE TEST Complete Food Intolerance Test A comprehensive intolerance test that screens against 283 food extracts and molecular food antigens. This is not an allergy but an immune system reaction that develops IgG (Immunoglobulin G) antibodies against specific foods.  Choose from our Paddington clinic Simple finger prick blood test Results in 7 […]

Female Hormone and Fertility Blood Screening

Diagnostics > Blood Screening Female Hormone and Fertility Blood Screening Our hormone levels shift and change throughout our lives, resulting in various physiological changes. Our Hormone Test can enable you to understand how your hormones are working together to transmit messages throughout your body, regulate your mood and control your appetite. This test is helpful […]

Full blood count

BLOOD TESTS > FULL BLOOD COUNT Full blood count Whether you are worried about your blood health or just want to check how well your blood is functioning, our full blood count test can help. We test for haemoglobin levels, red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet count, and more to give you […]

Heart health blood test

Diagnostics > Blood Screening Heart health blood test The heart health blood test looks at the main risk factors for heart disease and other heart health issues including cholesterol, high sensitivity CRP, and your cardiovascular risk score. Identifying heart health issues early allows you to make appropriate diet and lifestyle changes to keep your heart […]

Hormonal health blood test

BLOOD TESTS > HORMONAL HEALTH Hormonal health blood test If you are worried about a hormonal imbalance impacting your life, the hormonal health blood test can help. Whether you are experiencing mood changes, changes to your sex drive, or a lack of energy a change in your body’s hormones could be behind it. We test […]

Iron status blood test

Diagnostics > Blood Screening Iron status blood test Iron is essential for your health and low iron can cause a range of symptoms, like fatigue and dizziness, and impact your haemoglobin production. The iron status blood test can determine if you have low or high iron levels and help monitor your iron levels over time […]

Kidney health blood test

Diagnostics > Blood Screening Kidney health blood test If you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, are high risk, have high blood pressure or diabetes, it is vital to keep a close eye on your kidney health. The kidney health blood test checks a range of biomarkers to give you valuable insight into how well […]

Liver health blood test

BLOOD TESTS > LIVER HEALTH Liver health blood test Your liver is one of your body’s most essential organs that helps eliminate waste, regulates hormones, and converts food into energy. If you have a fatty liver, drink more alcohol than is recommended, or simply want to be proactive about your liver health, the Liver Health […]

Metabolic syndrome blood test

Diagnostics > Blood Screening Metabolic syndrome blood test Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors that increase the chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Because it usually has no immediate physical symptoms it is crucial to take a preemptive test. Our metabolic syndrome blood test will analyse your blood to assess your […]