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Tired of waiting for a clinical appointment?

Be Seen Today

Accessible and affordable healthcare services including same-day MRI appointments, joint pain relief, blood testing, and GP appointments.

What We Do

Waiting is never fun, especially when it comes to your health.
That’s why we’ve created an immediate, straightforward and cost-effective approach to healthcare, providing same day appointments and a range of services and treatments from MRIs to joint pain management to GP services.

Be Seen Today.

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Our Service

We provide a one-stop service for your health: we consult, diagnose and treat your condition, keeping the process simple, transparent and affordable throughout.



Speak to a qualified medical expert in a private consultation within 24 hours. Come and visit our clinic or arrange a virtual appointment from your own home.



The latest MRI and diagnostic technology for immediate on-site testing and a faster, more accurate diagnosis.



A bespoke treatment plan designed around your concerns, history & lifestyle. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way for the best outcomes.

Begin your journey here

Whether solving an existing problem or looking to optimise your health, we want to help.

Popular Services

Sports injury

Sports injuries can be debilitating and impact your mental health – especially if it’s keeping you from an activity that you really enjoy.

Health checks

Our health checks provide a complete overview of your current well-being whilst identifying common health issues.

Back pain relief

Our range of minimally invasive spinal injections are an effective way to treat acute or chronic back pain and get you back to living your life again.

Blood tests

Our blood tests give you invaluable insights into your long-term health, energy and hormone levels.

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Get in Touch

We offer free advice to start you on your road to better health or peace of mind. Contact us today and we’ll call you back to discuss your next steps.